Choosing the right font for your email campaigns is a pretty important decision. The font or fonts you select will set the tone of your campaign, which in turn will affect the way that your subscribers interpret its message.

Technically, you can use any font you like in an email, but if your subscribers don’t have that font available on their device, they are not going to see it.

Since 1998 the vast majority of computers, both PC and Mac, have shared a common set of fonts. 18 to be exact. These are known as ‘email safe’ fonts, as pretty much every email device has them installed. Compared to the vast swathes of fonts that are used on the web, 18 does feel somewhat limiting, but there are ways around this as we’ll cover.

The web savvy among you will be aware of the @font-face CSS query which enables you to load any font you fancy into a web page. Regrettably, the @font-face selector is not supported in the vast majority of email clients.

So, back to our trusty 18 fonts!